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MOMENTS2MEMORIES TOURS, LLC, a New York City Private Driving Tour affiliation of Real New York Tours, a top-rated NYC Walking Tour company, was created after years of many requests from folks who either had mobility issues, elderly parents they wanted to comfortably share the city with, or young children they thought would be easier to tour with in a vehicle. RNYT, owned by Iain’s daughter, Amber Cameron and son-in-law, Luke Miller, are now pleased to offer a 6-hour private driving alternative with personal tour guide to their list of walking tours. See

Being a small, family run company we know how important it is when it comes to ones parents & family and ensuring they are safe and in good hands. That's why their driver Iain is my father-in-law and Thea their guide is my mother-in-law. We truly are literally and metaphorically a family run business. >>Luke Miller, Owner, Real New York Tours

Driver Guide

Driver / Guide: Thea Habersetzer


I simply LOVE New York City – everything in the whole world is in this city! I have visited and lived in NYC since 1975 and whenever I am outside this city, I tell everyone I meet that they simply MUST visit NYC at least once in their lifetime. My favorite experiences traveling throughout Europe, the Caribbean and the United States is to be shown around by someone who lives there. Family, friends, & acquaintances offer an insight into a “place” beyond anything a guide book could offer – personal insights, personal knowledge, & personal understandings of their surroundings. And, always, the experience is reciprocated each and every time someone visits me wherever I am living. This time it’s New York City as a licensed guide (NYC Sightseeing Guide License #: 2003038 -DCA) and co-owner, along with the driver, Iain, of Moments2Memories Tours, LLC. We were married in The New York City Office of the City Clerk and moved to NYC to be near grandchildren. I thrive on inspiring people to want to explore and learn about their environments and am parlaying that into inspiring visitors to come away with moments that will turn into lifetime memories of their visit to this Great City!

Driver Guide

Driver / Guide: Iain Cameron


Having been a successful entrepreneur in other places over the past 30 years, I realized that I wanted to be on the East Coast near my family providing a service around people who enjoy New York as much as I do. My wife, Thea, and I, co-owners of Moments2Memories Tours, LLC., are happy to say that we have accomplished this goal with many more side benefits than we ever anticipated – providing joy to those visiting New York for the first time while giving them the opportunity and experience of a lifetime. With have many years of experience driving in London, other parts of Europe, the Middle East, the USA, and specifically New York City, my job is to insure that, as your professional chauffeur, your tour is comfortable, quiet, and safe.